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Business Development Strategies for

Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business?

What are the threats you face in your marketplace?

Where do your opportunities for growth lie?

Is your business plan working for you – or against you?

Does your business model allow you to be productive?

These are just some of the questions we can help you answer at Neville Park Business Solutions. With more than three decades of corporate and self-owned business experience we possess the knowledge, training, and experience to help you run your business more smoothly – and profitably – with innovative business development strategies and a broad range of project management skills.


Through a comprehensive analysis of your business and your competitors, we will help you identify the areas of your business that are doing well and identify areas where you may require improvement. We will work with you to create effective business development strategies and offer project management solutions to implement these improvements.


Finding niches in your market which have not been filled creates wonderful opportunities for growth and increased profits. We will help you identify those opportunities for growth, and help you develop effective diversification strategies to maximize those opportunities.


As the saying goes, “Once the fighting starts, the plans go out the window.” We will not only help you to develop a comprehensive business plan, we will be there to help you stay on track, and regardless of the changes taking place in your marketplace. We will work together to create a standard operating and procedure template that you can use internally and externally.


A business plan is only as effective as the structure of the business you’ve designed to allow you to meet the needs of the marketplace. Through business process modeling we can help you develop effective business process solutions which will allow you to better meet those needs.


Once you identify your real competition and understand what they are doing that you are not, you will be able to respond effectively. We will identify your real competition for you, and help you create a variety of different marketing strategies, through comprehensive marketing strategy planning, to compete more effectively with them. Together, we will beat them at their own game!

Neville Park Business Solutions is here, with an array of effective, comprehensive business development strategies and project management solutions to help you meet the challenges you face; making your business more efficient – and more profitable – far into the future.

If you are looking for answers, and help running your business more efficiently, we are only an email away.

Client Testimonial

Linda has been instrumental in developing our company Business Plan, creating and implementing our Business Operating Manual, and refining the use of our Customer Relationship Management systems. Linda’s experience in Project Management has been a asset, one that can be of value to any company utilizing her services.
As the results of her performance have indicated, Linda can assist any business to achieve their goals.

Kaela Bree - Partner
Aussie X

Client Testimonial

"Linda has worked on several projects for me with great results, and she was instrumental on getting my first book published. She works with colleagues and clients in a professional manner, and Linda is extremely trustworthy and reliable. I highly recommend her services."

John Paul Catanzaro

The Catanzaro Group