About Linda

I ride a Harley Davidson. How can I, a motorcycle enthusiast, help you to grow your business?

1. Preparing for a Ride Before I hop on my bike and hit the road, I have to determine what clothing to wear and what to pack by looking at the big picture and what my main objectives are for the ride. A little advance preparation goes a long way to ensure that I get the highest level of safety and enjoyment from the ride.

Preparation is important for your business too and I will ensure that all the services and programs in your business are ready to go forward with the same level of detailed planning, preparation and implementation so that you can enjoy your ride.

2. Charting the Course Going the distance involves planning, and for longer rides it involved driving the route by automobile first. The trip is mapped out, the rest /gas stops are scheduled, and I plan my ride accordingly to make sure I hit the targeted stops along the way.

I will manage your projects with the same attention to details by defining the objectives, identifying milestones (rest/gas stops) and then navigating the project so that it stays on course

3. Group Riding Traveling on the road with a group of motorcyclists involves regular communication from the Lead Rider. This allows everyone in the group to have the greatest road experience by providing clear directions, identifying the ride objectives and expectations. It is also the Lead Rider who makes sure that members of the group don’t get lost, reminds individual members that they are riding with a group, and keeps maximum safety in mind.

I will make sure that everyone on your team is working together as a cohesive group so that they are always up to date, communicating regularly, and staying on track.

4. Maintenance – A motorcycle is a finely tuned machine designed for maximum performance and equipped for the ride you want, whether it is for cruising or racing. Keeping the engine, tires, lubrication, brakes, etc. well maintained is imperative.

Your business is a finely tuned machine as well. I will provide regular maintenance through in-depth analysis of systems and procedures, automation, and strategic planning. As the top mechanic in your business I will make sure that your business is tuned regularly so that you are getting the greatest profitability, revenue, and mileage out of your investment.

Whether you are cruising along or moving full throttle to your next venture, I will take the curves with you, watch for bumps in the road, maneuver you through the chaos, and most of all, enjoy the ride with you.

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More Linda facts:

  • I worked in a large retail franchise corporation for 20 years before I became an OBM – How’s that for stamina?
  • I have worked in Training and Development, Strategy, and Operations – Loved every minute.
  • I play Piano, dabbled in classic guitar, and I play the bongos and the Djembe – Music is my soul.
  • I have my certificates in Journalism and in Alternative Dispute Resolution – Did I mention my right brain???
  • I have two kids whom I have parented by myself. – They are my life’s work.
  • I learned to downhill ski, got my certification in SCUBA, and learned to ride a motorcycle¬† – All after my 40th birthday!
  • I am taking an Introductory Motorcycle Maintenance Course –¬† Continuously learning all the time…redundant but true.